Month: May 2002

The first task was to remove all of the paneling from the walls. Behind the paneling, we found old floral wallpaper and yellow paint. The plaster was in bad condition in some places with the final coat completely separated from the scratch coat. View of northwest corner after all of the old wallpaper was removed. […]
We thought we were finished with “phase 1,” but we decided to add some crown molding to the parlor.  so, it’s now known as “phase 1.1”.
New plants are in and mulch has been added to the beds. Brand new bed next to house. Beds in front of breezeway and left side of servant’s quarters. Bed in front of right side of servant’s quarters.
We added these new flower beds to each side of the front steps near the sidewalk. View from the left side. Front view of both new flower beds. We then added a brick border. View from the left side. Front view of both flower beds.
With our first spring quickly arriving, its’ time to get working in the yard.  The second bed, in front of the servant’s quarters, has been reworked.  Also, we began converting that area next to the house into a flowerbed, as well. The existing beds, reworked. The bed in front of the breezeway. The bed on […]
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