Month: March 2002

The new paint we chose is a deep burgundy. Cutting in the edges. Painting completed.  Makes the fireplace stand out a little better than that horrid wallpaper. East wall. Tower walls. West wall. This completes “phase 1” of the restoration for this room.
Walls primed and ready for paint. Southeast corner. Tower walls.  The bottom part of the tower walls still need a bit of work, so they didn’t get primed yet. West wall.
Behind the ornate fireplace cover, there was a bricked up wall. Curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to remove a small brick to see what was behind it. Nothing but a pile of old bricks! 🙁
The original plaster in this room was in pretty good condition.  There were a few cracks here and there as well as quite a few small nicks and scratches.  We decided to try and do a quick patch job so that all of the blemishes wouldn’t show through the new paint. Repair work to east […]
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