Month: January 2002

The first window sash with all of the old paint removed. Exterior side gets some primer. Interior side gets some stain.
The removal of the old wallpaper went pretty quick.  Surprisingly, there was nothing but the original plaster behind it. A dampened sponge was used to get the remaining glue off the old plaster. View from the sitting room. The west wall. Cleaning off a few last bits of paper You can actually see the fireplace […]
When we moved in, the parlor had really loud wallpaper, and a popcorn ceiling.  Needless to say, it had to go.  We decided to give the entire thing a quick make-over.  This would be known as “phase 1” of the restoration. View looking into the sitting room. The wallpaper just completely overpowers the fireplace. View […]
We chose a very light, mint green for the walls.  We just wanted to get rid of the white walls, so we’re considering this “phase 1” of the restoration. Painting the “tall” wall. This completes “phase 1” of the restoration for this room.
The view of the front door from within the foyer.  The walls were covered in a slight texture and painted plain white when we moved in. The woodwork is faux-painted to look like oak and then that was stained with a dark stain.  The stairs themselves are covered in beige carpet. View from the second […]
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