Month: October 2001

Adding the detail.  We chose a darker color of purple to replace the lighter shade the previous owners used. Left side, completed. Close up of the detail.
Our original plan was to keep the same blue/cream/purple color combination that the previous owners had chosen.  But, after some thought, we decided we weren’t completely happy with that choice of colors and decided to try out a different color of blue.  We kept the cream color for the trim, but wanted something more “bold” […]
When we bought the house, the servant’s quarters/summer kitchen roof was covered in the same light grey/white asphalt roll roofing material as the breezeway roof. It also was full of cracks and holes, but didn’t leak as bad as the breezeway, because of the steep pitch of the roof.
When we bought the house, the breezeway roof was in pretty bad shape.  The roofing material was a light grey/white asphalt roll roofing. It was full of cracks and holes, so whenever it rained outside, it also rained inside.
With winter quickly approaching, we decided to go ahead and at least get some primer on the exposed wood.  After a quick scrape job, the primer was applied.
When the previous owners painted the house in the blue/cream/purple color scheme, they only painted what you could see from the street.  So, the upper part of the back and any area that was blocked by a tree, was left unpainted.  They didn’t even prime it.  The old deteriorated white paint from decades earlier was […]
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