Month: September 2001

We used a heat gun and a scraper tool to begin removing the paint from the woodwork. One pane done… Some trial and error testing on the more difficult areas of the woodwork.  Chemical stripper just isn’t cutting through the layers of the old paint.
The decorative trim pieces painted and ready to be installed. The decorative trim pieces installed. Entire tower side, completed. Checking the other side of the tower to make sure that there wasn’t any leaks.
After cleaning all of the loose plaster out of the damaged areas, we then used the drywall that we pulled down from the drop-ceiling to patch up the areas that were missing plaster.  The salvaged drywall was just a little thinner than the original plaster, so it was recessed a bit.  This is a good […]
All of the replaced/repaired area was then primed. Detail of the upper area. I also added a bit of flashing to divert any water that may leak in the future. The decorative trim pieces.
The first step was to replace all of the rotted out lath with new lath.  This is the south wall/ceiling with the new lath. Detail of the south wall/ceiling new lath. The new lath on the west wall/ceiling. Detail of the new lath on the west wall/ceiling.
After removing all of the damaged wood, it was time to replace it with new wood. The remaining shingles were removed from the part of the tower that had the water damage.  The rotted out sheathing was replaced with new wood. New felt was added from the top of the wall to the bottom. Fitting […]
The culprit for the west wall/ceiling leak appeared to be a leaking eavestrough on the upper part of the west wall where it connects to the tower. Removing the shingle siding to access the rotted out wood. Behind the shingles, the sheathing wood is damp and spongy. The decorative wood removed, and the rotted out […]
We cleaned out the flower bed in front of the breezeway and put in some fall plants. View from the other direction.
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