Our Latest Progress

Below is a "quick access" listing of the latest project(s) we're currently working on.  This area gets updated fairly regularly, so please check back often to see what we've been up to!

I’ve gotten way too lazy on inside work, and decided to go through the house and […]
With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to finally get the new Rain Diverter installed. It took […]
Window frames and siding, scraped and ready for paint… Window frame painted the light yellow (Vanilla […]
Before I got too far with the shingle replacement, I wanted to put new felt paper […]
The south side of the Tower that I didn’t get completed last night… And, the south […]
Window frame painted with the light yellow (Vanilla Cream)… Scraping and re-nailing completed in this area… […]
Lots of scraping done today, as well as a bit of re-nailing…
Did some painting of the light green (Northwest Trail) on the west side of the Tower… […]