The Restoration

We bought some cedar planking at Menards. The paint on this inside wall stud matches some of the paint I’ve seen on the outside of the house. I’m guessing it’s probably one of the original paint colors. Time to remove weird brown wallpaper… Finally, enough of the wallpaper removed. Added in the first course of […]
There’s a small closet, under the main staircase. We’ve decided to make it into a cedar closet to store our winter wear. The hardware is missing on the door. Some of the interior walls have a weird brown wallpaper, but the plaster looks good in the places where that wallpaper has fallen off. The floor […]
After repeating the glass reinstallation process three more times, all of the sashes were ready to be put back in… This set of windows is completed.
Ready to begin reinstalling the old glass. First, all of the old glazing and paint had to be scraped off. Then, I used regular glass cleaner to remove all of the remaining dirt. New glazing putty gets added into the seat where the glass will be set. The glass then gets pressed into the glazing […]
All of the sashes painted with the outside color. Window sashes with the inside faces stained. Window parting strips and holds all stained and clear coated. Sash inside faces clear coated.
Window sills with the brass spring weather stripping added.
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