The Restoration

This is the original switch with the dimmer I will need to replace… The old dimmer switch… Checking the wiring… The bad news is, the wiring is done “old school” and doesn’t have an available neutral wire to run the smart switch. So, I will now need to run a neutral wire up to this […]
I will again be using this wipe-on poly for the interior part of the drawers… First coat completed on both drawers… After 3 hours of dry time, the drawer interiors got a quick sanding… Then, applied a second coat of the poly… The drawers now have a second coat. You can see they’re starting to […]
The two drawers have dried over night, so they should now be ready for routing… I first sanded the sides… Then, routed the top edge with a 1/8 inch roundover bit… The two drawers are ready for finishing…
Since it’s yet another cold & windy day, I decided to get started on the other pair of drawers… These two drawers are the same depth as the first pair, but they’re three inches wider… The four front & back pieces will need to be 13 7/16 inches long… Four more pieces checked off… The […]
I only have a couple of “shingles” left to add at the very top corner of the Tower Roof, but my scaffolding is pretty much rotting away. With all of the high winds we’ve been having this spring, I decided it was time to remove it… The first task will be to get this ladder […]
To give the new drawer slides something to be mounted to, I will need to add this 2×4 to the back wall of the cabinets… It will need to be mounted to the wall, here… The new support has been installed… Beginning to install the slides on the drawers… The other piece then got installed […]
After drying over night, the drawer interiors got a final sanding with fine sandpaper… The interior finish of the drawers is now complete… To tackle the outside, I will be using Bondo to fill in the knotholes… Bondo, mixed and applied… I used a chisel to shave the Bondo down a bit… Then, finished up […]
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