Main House Exterior – West Side – Upper Peak Reinstallation Continued


New day, better shot of the two (cream colored) frieze boards that frame the shingles.


The first course (straight, dark green) of decorative shingles installed.


The second course (pointed, dark purple) of decorative shingles installed.


Third course (pointed, medium purple) of decorative shingles installed.


Fourth and final course (rounded, dark yellow) of decorative shingles installed.  Not quite sure why the upper peak on this side of the house has only four courses of decorative shingles, while the upper peak on the east side has five.  My OCD tells me that I may need to redo these again, someday, and make them even…


The dark green decorative inside corner molding reinstalled.


The two crown molding trim pieces, painted with the dark green color.

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