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Bedroom 1 – The Restoration – Initial Demolition

The first thing to go was the carpet.  Under the carpet we found white brick patterned square, self-adhesive tiles.  We removed a few loose tiles and see that the original wood floor is under there, except that it’s painted a … Continue reading

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Dining Room – Before

The south wall and door leading to the foyer, taken shortly after we bought the house. It amazes me that no one ever got caught up in that wire leading from the thermostat to the furnace in the basement and … Continue reading

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Bedroom 2 – Before

When we moved in, this room had paneling (painted bright blue) on the bottom part of the walls. Apparently, it was meant to be some sort of wainscoting. Above the paneling, the plaster walls were covered with a thick layer … Continue reading

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Courtyard – Good Bye Trumpet Vines

That big pile on the patio?  Yeah, that’s the nasty trumpet vines.  Good riddance!

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Breezeway Front – Before

This picture was taken shortly after we purchased the house, but before we actually moved in.  At this point, the breezeway was still in fairly good condition, although it was beginning to show signs of deterioration.  Note the blue bracket … Continue reading

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