Welcome to the new & (hopefully) improved Our Old Victorian website

This website was created to document the restoration of our Victorian home. We purchased the house in December 2000. The picture above shows the current state of the restoration. To view a comparison of what the house looked like when we obtained it, simply place your cursor over the image. I try to take a photo of the house from the same position each November or December to catalog the changes for the previous year. To view the full archive, click here.

Since we are doing a total restoration/renovation, and doing 99.9999% of the work ourselves, we take a lot of pictures of the process. This site is the collection of some of those pictures. We also try to describe in detail how we accomplished some of the processes. Hopefully, some of this information may be of help to others who are restoring old houses as well.

Now, on to the new site!  The new site is set up differently (and hopefully better) than the old site was.  We have decided to go ahead and make this new site live, even though it’s missing some of the info that the old site had.  Because of the new site’s format, we are going back to the beginning of the restoration (2001) and starting there.  So, while it may take a while to get caught back up, we feel that this will end up creating a much more complete indexing of the actual restoration.  Also, the new site will allow our visitors to leave comments/questions specific to each project.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Spring Cleaning Time!!!
It’s that time of year, so lots of new bargains have been added to the Rummage Sale page.  Check them out before they are gone!

Sioux City Sassafras
We’ve also recently created a side project to help fund our home restoration project.  Please visit our online store via the link below to browse our handmade and hand-painted housewares and other goodies!

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the new site!

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